How it works


Our automated sourcing tools allow you to engage with 3 times the number of candidates at a fraction of the cost, while freeing your valuable time.


Screen in volume, at a 1/2 the cost by leveraging Jr. and/or off-shore resources; supported by our streamlined vetting process and tools.


Actively engage your clients with relevant content, generating 5-10 times the number of introductions per month.


Let Candidate and Hiring Manager schedule the interview themselves, while our marketplace management system allows you to approve and keep track along the process, saving you up to 10 hours a week.

Be Human

Facilitate communication, negotiate an offer, work out differences, understand needs, close a deal.

We free you-up of menial tasks, so you can do what no algorithm can.

Rick Dionisio / Ingenium Agency's CEO

"It's the modern approach to recruiting"

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